2016 American Craft Council Bus Trip (Second Annual)


Those of you who were participants in the 2015 trip will recall that much fun was had on the bus, particularly on the drive home in the snow!

Well, we want to do it all over again. The executive coach can only carry 32 passengers, so signup quick! If we fill the coach, then each person will have to pay $35 to cover the cost of the trip up and back.

When: Saturday Feb. 20th, 2016

We expect to meet and depart from the Spotsylvania 4-mile fork area commuter lot at 8:00AM, arrive in Baltimore at around 9:30-10:00AM, and leave the convention center at around 4:00pm. We should then arrive back at the commuter lot around 5:30-6PM

We learned a few things from the first annual ACC trip... We can leave personal items on the bus (we weren't sure before about this). The bus has video screens, and can play DVD's - so we might consider bringing a couple of instructional/woodworking related videos.

We may even consider having the driver pull up to the convention center so that we can eat lunches we bring on the bus - though that may cost a little extra.

We'd like to make this trip an annual event, and encourage all of you who are interested to signup using the form below.


Check out some of the pictures from the 2015 trip Here!


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in reserving your seats.